Projects – Selective Examples

Active Projects:

Domingues Channel  (California)

Complex accelerated evaluation of the nature and source of hydrocarbons seeping from under a portion of a major drainage channel in suburban Los Angeles.  Interim response measures are in place pending alternate long term response action development and implementation.

Hearne (Texas)

Assessment and remedial response concerning three petroleum product terminals including resolution of concerns to private water wells in the area.

Hawthorne (California)

Assessment and remedial response addressing a gasoline plume 50 ft. below grade in a former service station area redeveloped into high volume strip malls and adjacent to apartment complexes.

Glendale / La Crescenta (California)

Regional approach involving a cooperative agency and industry task force that coincides with fast tracked assessment and remedial response addressing potential sources of MTBE impacts to public drinking water wells.

Escondido (California)

Assessment and remedial response preventing the migration of an MTBE plume from two service stations entering a nearby creek.

Linwood-Northfield (New Jersey)

Regional assessment concerning current and projected hydrocarbon impacts to a public potable water well and associated corrective action at potential service station sources in the area.

Completed Projects:

Red Bank (New Jersey)

Delineation, assessment and corrective action from a commingled hydrocarbon plume involving service stations at a common intersection.

Waskom (Texas)

Assessment and accelerated remedial response preventing the migration of an MTBE plume entering a nearby creek from two petroleum product terminals.