What We Do

Energy companies that market petroleum fuels such as gasoline and diesel fuel often do so from closely proximate facilities such as service stations, terminals and pipelines. To understand how RELLC addresses a situation, consider a hypothetical with the following characteristics:

The Scenario

  • A petroleum fuel release is reported or discovered
  • Multiple members are potentially involved due to their close proximity to the release
  • A possibility of multiple, perhaps mixed (commingled) plumes is presented
  • Water receptors are either threatened or impacted
  • State regulators are concerned and engaged
  • Third parties (local residents or businesses) are concerned

Conventional Approach

In most cases, energy companies are able to work together in taking whatever action is needed. Sometimes, however, the lack of clear responsibility and the uncertainty of what happens underground can result in the following:

  • Reluctance to immediately accept responsibility without knowing the facts
  • Inability to quickly come to agreement on joint solutions
  • Difficulty getting holistic remedial program under way
  • Inconsistent communications to and from regulators
  • Risk of less than optimum remedial effort in early stage

Resource Environmental Approach
(once site is tendered for management)

  • Environmental impacts addressed immediately regardless of uncertainties
  • Damages to persons and property are mitigated or minimized sooner than individual companies working separately can achieve
  • Integrated remedial effort is achieved sooner
  • Contractual process for comprehensive remedial program is pre-agreed and in place
  • Financial responsibility is allocated internally by Board of Directors based on all available and relevant data
  • Binding arbitration is the exclusive dispute remedy and in place for member companies
  • The need for litigation is eliminated or minimized

“Four Services” Approach Of Resource Environmental

  • Rapid response
  • Remediation
  • Cost allocation
  • Binding Arbitration